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Organic & hand-crafted CBD Tea

Rated 4.78 stars by over 500 happy customers.

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Voted #1 CBD Tea

Voted #1 CBD Tea

The #1 CBD Tea since 2016

Powerful Ingredients

Powerful Ingredients

The highest quality herbs

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Delivers fast with Eco-Packaging

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“I ordered this for me, my husband, and my sister to have after a long day of moving. I mixed it with some almond milk and honey and it was amazing. We felt relaxed and calm and got a really good night’s sleep. I am ordering it again!”

- Juliana checkmark verified owner

“I ordered this and made it for my husband. He said it was great and he didn’t wake up in middle of the night. This tea gave him a restful night sleep. I am ordering more ASAP, per the hubby request! Love ❤️ it!”

- Rhonda checkmark verified owner

“I must say, I really enjoyed this tea. I almost don’t want to believe it relaxed me and helped me sleep but it did. I am relieved and after my second cup (one each night), I decided to visit your website to read more about your company. Great job!!”

- Joe checkmark verified owner

“Real deal, so this stuff is so good and also works well. It’s a two for one. ☺️ They’ve got it down with flavor and how well it works. Definitely recommend.”

- Amber checkmark verified owner

“The best company ever. Teas are always delicious!!!! Ever since I was introduced to this brand by my co-worker a few years back, I (and now my husband) have been hooked ever since .”

- Jess checkmark verified owner

“The Cosmic Cleanse is just a lovely tea. The flavor mix with licorice and cardamum, the CBD... it’s all great! I keep buying this tea. If you are looking for one CBD tea to try, I recommend this one.”

- Susan checkmark verified owner

– What is CBD tea? –

CBD tea is a potent, natural way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD. At The Brothers Apothecary, we've pioneered effective CBD tea infusions, using organic herbs + a proprietary infusion method since 2016. Our unique infusions are trusted by thousands, and as a small family business, we're confident our teas will provide the finest drinking experience alongside results that work for you and your loved ones.

Most CBD teas offer 5-10mg per bag, often using ineffective infusion mechanisms that stripe away powerful plant compounds. We're proud to guarantee an effective concentration that retains whole-plant benefit -- the first and only CBD tea to do so!
Every blend at The Brothers Apothecary uses synergistic herbs to support a wide range of benefits, including supporting healthy sleep, relieving occasional aches and pains, supporting healthy digestion, and even promoting mental energy and clarity. You can read more about the benefits of CBD tea on our blog.
We're proud to 14+ blends of CBD tea, the widest selection of CBD tea available. Our blends include chamomile, green & black teas, rooibos, Matcha, two types of Chai, and many more. The best way to explore our teas is to visit Our Shop. We also suggest adding a heaping spoonful of CBD honey to your cup!

Get CBD tea delivered straight to your door!

The Best CBD Tea on Earth

The Brothers Apothecary is proud to offer the world's best CBD tea, rated 5-stars by hundreds of happy customers. We believe in crafting delicious infusions that work, because that's why we started The Apothecary -- we don't formulate based on gimmicks, and we're not some big-brand tea company trying to hop on a fad. Our company was started with the single goal of making delicious hemp products that are effective.

And there's more.

Since 2016, we've launched dozens of new CBD superfoods, CBD capsules, CBD hot cocoa, and CBD lattes. Like our top-rated CBD teas, these superfoods have enjoyed hundreds of 5-star reviews from Verified Buyers, and use the same approach as our teas. We use powerful superfoods, combined with USDA organic hemp to offer the most delicious and effective herbal supplements, designed for body and mind.