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If you ever have any questions about your order or The Brothers Apothecary, please feel encouraged to reach out to us directly at [email protected]. We are a small family business, so please allow 1-2 business days for a response. You can also DM us on Instgram @thebrothersapothecary or find us on Facebook.

Generally, orders ship within 1-2 business days after your order is placed. Once processed, you’ll receive a order confirmation and shipping confirmation upon shipping.

Please note, due to COVID-19, your order may require 1-3 days additional processing & shipping time.

Most of the time, your items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Occasionally, we may use UPS or another carrier as needed.

The Brothers Apothecary products are available at hundreds of locations nationwide. You can also order directly through the The Brothers Shop and have your favorite items mailed directly to you through the USPS. Because we only use hemp grown by USDA licensed farms & submit all products to testings by 3rd party labs, you can relax knowing all of our products 100% legal to ship.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for our latest list of locations.

To use the map below, simply type in your address to find the closest retail store to you. Note: While we attempt to keep this list constantly updated, it may not reflect all our retail partners. Feel free to email us for more information!

      Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike the well-known compound THC, which is found in high amounts in marijuana, CBD is considered non-psychoactive (ie. it doesn’t make you feel “high”) and is only sourced from Department of Agriculture licensed hemp plants.

      Please note: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
      Read our Disclaimer.

      The Brothers Apothecary exclusively use legal hemp and hemp-derived CBD.

      All Brothers products use Department of Agriculture licensed industrial hemp. Our company has been been registered handlers &/or growers with the Department of Agriculture since 2017. We are federally and state-licensed to transfer hemp products to any person or entity (that means you!).

      — More about Legality —

      The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill completely removed all ingredients and derivatives of industrial hemp from the DEA’s list of Schedule 1 drugs. CBD sourced from marijuana (cannabis with higher than 0.3% THC) is not protected under this definition.

      This allowed for legal CBD to be derived from industrial hemp plants, as defined by the US Farm Bill (section 7606 of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill, as well as Section 12619 of 2018 Farm Bill). This includes any part of the cannabis plant, or a derivative from those parts, “with less than 0.3% THC”, as measured by an accredited laboratory. CBD must NOT be derived from marijuana plants, or other controlled substances.

      States may also have varying degrees of legal boundaries for CBD. We heartily encourage you to explore your specifics states rules. Currently, however, USDA rules reinforce that CBD derived from hemp, as well as hemp products (including flower material), is federally legal.

      Note: The FDA is responsible for regulating substances and other compounds found in food and drugs. While it has provided no specific rule making guidelines for what the industry calls “CBD compliance”, The Brothers are working as diligently as possible to ensure all levels of compliance & quality are undertaken, including regular updates and improvements based on new direction and announcements by all federal agencies. Please Read our Disclaimer for more information.

      We only use lab-tested industrial hemp. Most of our products are classified as “full-spectrum”, meaning they include a range of cannabinoids and original plant terpenes, while other items may contain an isolate, broad, or full-spectrum CBD oil.

      Yes. Every ingredient is individually tested and evaluated, and every finished product is tested by an accredited, third-party lab. You can access our testing at our Review Our Testing page.

      If you ever have an issue with your order, please email us at [email protected]

      We offer refunds on returned, unused products and are happy to accommodate exchanges on a case by case basis. Returns are limited to orders within the last 30 days.

      Orders can be cancelled and refunded any time before shipping. If your order has shipped it must be returned as described above to be eligible for a refund.

      Yes. Please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to share our wholesale pricing sheet and discuss getting our items into your store!

      Email us at [email protected]; please allow 1-3 business days for a reply.

      We do! You can register for our CBD affiliate program at any time, which features an affiliate dashboard and tools to promote your listings and track your earnings in real-time.

      For Testing, please access our Review Our Testing page. We test all of our products to ensure quality, compliance, and exact CBD levels.

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