Sleep Aid | CBD + Valerian, Chamomile, Skull Cap & Melatonin

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Find better rest with this carefully blended all-natural sleep support capsule. Crafted with three powerful herbal ingredients, Valerian, Chamomile & Skull Cap, plus CBD and Melatonin, this powerful capsule helps support healthy, rejuvenating sleep, night after night.

  • Est. 8mg CBD Per Capsule

  • 3mg Melatonin Per Capsule

  • 1oz Bottle: 21 Capsules (1-3 week supply)

  • 4oz Bottle: 84 Capsules (4-12 week supply)

  • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)



Sleep Aid CBD Infused Valerian & Melatonin Capsule

Inspire more Restful Sleep & Awake Feeling Refresh

Find better rest with this carefully blended all-natural sleep support capsule.

Crafted with three powerful herbal ingredients, Valerian, Chamomile & Skull Cap, this powerful trio help support healthy, rejuvenating sleep, night after night. Made in small batches with USDA organic hemp, Sleep Aid is a simple & effective addition to your nightly routine. Melatonin is added to further promote restfulness, and with just 3mg per capsule, can be an effective back to our superior blend of herbs and CBD.

Each bottles contains:

  • 8mg Full Spectrum CBD Per Capsule
  • 3mg Melatonin Per Capsule
  • 1oz Bottle: 21 Capsules (1-3 week supply)
  • 4oz Bottle: 84 Capsules (4-12 week supply)
  • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)

The Brothers Apothecary exclusively uses hemp that contains <0.3% THC and is licensed with the Department of Agriculture.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
*Disclaimer •  Testing

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  1. by Kelly Smith

    How much melatonin per capsule?

    • by The Bud Brothers

      Approximately 3mg per capsule!

  2. by Jillian Tuchman

    How much valerian, chamomile and skull cap are in each capsule? Thanks

    • by The Bud Brothers

      Hi Jillian,

      The breakdown is as follows:
      – 50mg Valerian
      – 25mg Chamomile
      – 25mg Skullcap
      – 3mg Melatonin

      Hope that helps!

  3. by Theresa Halliday

    what is the CBD strength?

    • by The Bud Brothers

      Hey Theresa,

      There’s a little over 8mg in each capsule, with over 180mg in the small size and over 700mg in the large size.

      Let us know if you need anything else!

  4. by anna checkmark verified owner

    I love this sleep aid! It’s calming and really helps fall asleep but doesn’t make you drowsy the next morning.

  5. by justksc1 checkmark verified owner

    I have tried many different sleep aides then tried this. It worked from the first night. Fast to sleep with no negative side effects.

    If you have an issue falling asleep at night you really should try this.

  6. by N G

    Are you supposed to take 1 capsule only? Can you take 2?

    • by The Brothers

      You can take 1-3, as preferred. The Melatonin is 3mg/serving, which is probably most important thing to look at, depending on your sensitivity.

      Let us know if that helps! 🙂

      The Brothers

  7. by Thaia checkmark verified owner

    Good bye, Ambien & Lunesta. I’ve stopped my RX of sleep aid. I feel great in the morning after a full night of sleep.

  8. by The Brothers

    Hey Bethany,

    Thanks so much for your comment. While we are aware that this has been reported, no study we’re aware of has found a direct causal link; it has also been found to be extremely rare if occurrence. According to the National Institutes of Health, the majority of cases where this has been reported included “multiple herbal medications being taken” and the role of skullcap in the hepatic damage was unclear. One last point was that in some instances, phytochemical analysis has identified significant adulterants or mislabelling in cases of suspected skullcap hepatotoxicity. We exclusively source from trusted, organic food cooperatives or local farms – never cheap or unverified sources.

    That said, we do recommend always consulting with your healthcare professional before starting any supplement routine or mixing any herbs with medications! It’s also important to note this is not a tincture – it is a plant-based capsule (not a liquid).

    The Brothers

  9. by Nisha checkmark verified owner

    I have been using this for a few months now and find it really helps with sleep. 1-2 capsules at night and no drowsiness in the morning. Also everyone I have emailed has been helpful, informative, and extremely kind.

  10. by Courtney checkmark verified owner

    THIS IS A LIFE SAVER! I’ve tried everything under the moon to get a good night’s sleep. I take 1-2 caps a night with the Golden Dream CBD tea they sell or some other form of “sleepy time” tea & sleep like a baby. I’m a really light sleeper & have trouble falling & staying asleep. I get restful deep sleep & never wake up groggy or with a “hangover”. This herbal supplement has changed my life! I tell anyone who will listen to try this. Thanks for making an amazing product! P.s. it would be fantastic to be able to sign up for monthly shipments… Maybe in the future they will create this?

  11. by P. Collins

    I take one to two capsules a little while before bedtime. Really helps get a restful sleep with no morning grogginess.

  12. by Jan checkmark verified owner

    I live near a cell tower which has resulted in horrible insomnia. Until I can find a new place to live, I have to obtain whatever help I can in the form of sleep aids to enrich and increase my quality of sleep. In addition to that, I also have severe chronic pain from over 50 years of rheumatoid arthritis which can also affect my sleep quality. I’ve desperately tried numerous products to help with my sleep, from Valerian to Melatonin to special-made combinations, all of which help but to a limited degree. When I saw this, I questioned whether it was as good as claimed but was pleased to see that they offered this in a trial bottle. That is good marketing! It has enough in the trial bottle to allow a person to try it without paying full price only to find it doesn’t work very well.

    I was delightfully surprised at how well it works. My sleep has improved significantly. I began with one capsule which worked wonders but when the EMF activity kicked up, I increased it to two capsules. I’m happy to report that even with EMF activity, this stuff has been amazingly effective! I realize every person is different with different chemistry and all so I can’t claim that it will be as effective for others but I can say that after having tried other products which were good, this by far, has them beat–hands down!

    Valerian/Chamomile is really one of the finest sleep/relaxing products on the market. It’s apparent that the makers of this have put a lot of thought and research into creating this. They have produced an incredibly effective product which I am delighted to have found.

  13. by Shayla Berner checkmark verified owner

    I always get a good, solid night of rest with these. No groggy, drowsy mornings either! Within 30 minutes I am out. No more up all night thinking about whatever pops in my head

  14. by Esme

    Hello, are the capsules gluten free?

    • by The Brothers

      Hi Esme,

      Thanks for checking us out! Yep, our vegetarian capsules are also Gluten Free.


      The Brothers

  15. by esloyalty checkmark verified owner

    I’ve been taking these for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love them. I used to take every different kind of sleep aid I could find and a lot of them would cause me to have anxiety attacks . These are a life saver , I take 1 every night and it takes 1 to 2 hours and I’m in a deep calm sleep. I just ordered my second bottle.

  16. by allisonhentges checkmark verified owner

    I took 1 pill around 10 pm last night and wasn’t able to fall asleep until around midnight (same time as I’ve been sleeping all week). Had higher hopes for this

    • by The Brothers

      Hey Allison, thank you so much for your review! Sorry to hear it didn’t work as well the first go 🙁 We’d suggest slowly increasing servings (ie. 2 tonight) until you see an effect. Most folks see an effect with 1 capsule, but we have heard from people that using 2-3 is the most effective for them and their body.

      Thank you again for checking us out!

      The Brothers

  17. by Sarah Burgess

    I’ve purchased these multiple times…they are my favorite sleep aid! Normally I can’t take melatonin or Benadryl because I get terrible restless leg side effects but these are perfect. Just one, or two sometimes allows me to fall asleep gently and doesn’t leave me groggy or unable to function if I should HAVE to wake up suddenly (kids, cats etc). I’ll continue to buy these until I get around to locally sourcing and making my own 🙂

  18. by Molly

    My husband has insomnia and has tried just about every product for sleep and nothing has worked until this! We were skeptical at first but he now falls asleep in 20-30 minutes after taking only one pill. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that actually works!

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Sleep Aid


Hemp (cannabis sativa)
Aromatic Oregon-grown hemp sourced from USDA Organic Certified and 3rd-Party Tested farms. Considered "industrial," with less than 0.3% THC.
A daisy-like herb of the Asteraceae plant family. Sweet, floral & honey tasting that promotes rest.
A flowering perennial plant in the mint family. Skullcap is a comforting herb and it is used to promote emotional well-being.
Valerian Root
A perennial plant, native to Europe and parts of Asia. These roots have a pungent odor, and have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of year to help promote natural relaxation and may even aid in coping with stress.
Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. This hormone plays an important part in maintaining sleep cycles and quality. Quality-tested & carefully sourced.
Coconut Milk Powder
Freshly pressed coconut milk. Supports cannabinoid bioavailability & rich in iron, fiber & magnesium, and antioxidants like selenium.
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Sleep Aid

Find better rest with this carefully blended all-natural sleep support capsule. Crafted with three powerful herbal ingredients, Valerian, Chamomile &...

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