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“Wow! Very good tea. I could definitely feel the CBD working. I added fats and the honey. Well worth the price for quality CBD.”

- Quinn checkmark verified owner

“I absolutely loved the calming effect of this tea. They’ve managed to blend this particular kava root well with complementary flavors. Will be ordering the 20ct from now on. I have a smile on my face while typing this ? thanks loves”

- Uerhenede checkmark verified owner

“I always get a good, solid night of rest with these. No groggy, drowsy mornings either! Within 30 minutes I am out. No more up all night thinking about whatever pops in my head. ”

- Shayla checkmark verified owner

“This stuff is incredible! I was almost instantly relaxed with this tea, I was really shocked. I am just starting to get into CBD products and didn’t realize how much it could relax me and help focus me. Really good for my anxiety too. And tastes amazing!”

- Chelsea checkmark verified owner

“Delicious, wonderfully effective and potent. Thank you for making this tea!”

- Aimee checkmark verified owner

“This is my first time ordering from The Brothers Apothecary and I was kinda nerves about it. I’m not really a tea drinker so I wasn’t sure what I want to try... It was surprisingly good and I sleep like a baby. This tea works amazingly and I’m definitely buying more!”

- Heather checkmark verified owner

– When do boxes ship & when am I billed? –

Shipments go out the first week of every month. You should receive tracking by the 7th. If you signed up after the first week, your first box will come the following month. (Email us at [email protected] if you want it sooner!)

You are billed at checkout and every 15th of the month after that. You can cancel anytime and even if you have just been billed, we'll refund you -- just let us know before the box ships!
You can expect about $50 of CBD products in every box. We like to surprise you, so this will usually included 3-5 different items. Every month will be a surprise!

Every box will contain a tea, superfood, and other wellness & skincare items. You'll also find awesome bonuses and extras, like stickers, recipes, and sneak peeks about new products.
Yes, this is legal! We are licensed with the Department of Agriculture, and exclusively use legal hemp for our products, with under 0.3% THC. We ship with the USPS around the world, and have been since we opened our doors in 2016.

We cannot guarantee 100% THC free boxes. Although the amount is very, very low, items including our tea, capsules, and honey are "full spectrum". Our skin care, drink mixes (mixable powder drinks), and body care items are THC free.
Yes, it's true. We're brothers!

We started The Brothers because we believe that CBD products should be both affordable and healthy. Every item is produced synergistically with organic ingredients, most of which are sourced from about 100 miles or less from our facility.

We also support sustainability to our core: our facility is 100% renewable powered, the packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable, and we give back to causes including the reef restoration, planting trees, and getting our Veterans the support and community they need.

Don’t wait. Get CBD delivered straight to your door!

Seriously, this has got to be the best thing coming in the mail this month.