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Matcha (meaning “finely powdered tea”) is strictly sourced from young green tea leaves, and The Apothecary exclusively uses certified organic sources in Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture.

  • Est. 100MG Per Bag (Approx. 15mg/Serving)

  • Contains Caffeine

  • Varies: Ceremonial Grade or Premium First Flush

  • Matcha Whisk & Spoon Available



CBD Matcha | Mighty Matcha by The Apothecary

Bold & Anti-Oxidant Rich Ceremonial CBD Matcha

With rich roots in Japanese drinking ceremonies, Matcha is a widely celebrated and loved style of tea. Matcha (meaning “finely powdered tea”) is strictly sourced from young green tea leaves, and The Apothecary exclusively uses the finest Matcha available.

Note, Matcha variety may vary depending on season. Generally, we only use certified organic, ceremonial-grade sources, imported from Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture. In some cases, you may receive a First Flush variety. Please refer to your purchase for specific source.

  • Est. 100MG Pure CBD (Isolate) per bag
  • Contains caffeine
  • Approx. 7 Servings Per Bag
  • Ceremonial Grade & First Flush
  • Optional Bamboo Matcha Whisk & Spoon Set (+$12.50)

How to Make CBD Matcha

  1. Sift 1-2 tsp matcha into a cup using a small sifter.
  2. Add 2oz hot water. For best results, use water just under a boil.
  3. Whisk vigorously in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy.
  4. Enjoy your matcha tea straight from the bowl.

The Brothers Apothecary exclusively uses hemp that contains <0.3% THC and is licensed with the Department of Agriculture.
*Disclaimer •  Testing

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  1. by Matthew checkmark verified owner

    I’m not 100% sure but the matcha I had received did not contain cbd, there wasn’t any hint the skunky odor inherent in cbd products. I ordered the chai and the presence of cbd was very apparent.

    • by The Bud Brothers

      Hey Matthew,

      The Mighty Matcha uses a tasteless and odorless isolated CBD, that’s completely homogenized with the Matcha powder itself. The tea uses a full spectrum CBD that (while homogenized) is much easier to identify in the mix, from both the smell and taste.


  2. by Stephen H. Kawamoto

    Yes, but a cannaboid isolate lacks the terpenes that actually help boost the immune system. In matcha, the CBD would have a sedative effect mainly.

  3. by Quinn checkmark verified owner

    Love their teas! Very good and satisfies. Good clean taste. The Cbd is very good.

  4. by Tea Drinker

    In the photos here the matcha looks like a vibrant green color, my matcha I purchased is a muddy green, almost brown color, even when brewed and whisked together. There is no best before date on the package. For those reasons I don’t think i’ll be buying this again.

    • by The Brothers

      Hey there! We’re so sorry to hear about that. The Matcha should definitely be a vibrant green, though some natural variation will always occur. All of our products are small-batch (so you should have a very fresh product at time of purchase). That said, Matcha should be used within a year of the Made By date, so if purchased before, it won’t be as lively as when first received.

      We weren’t able to locate an order attached to this email, but please reach out to us at info (at) thebrostea.com and we’d be very happy to replace your item at no extra cost — imperfect Matcha is never fun!

      Thanks so much for trying us out and sharing your experience!

      The Brothers

  5. by beewilson checkmark verified owner

    I absolutely LOVE this tea! I ordered 3 more because of how delicious this tea is. Drinking this tea makes me feel really good!

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Mighty Matcha


Sourced from young green tea leaves, Matcha is a rich, alluring fine tea powder with historic roots with Japanese tea drinking. Bold, slightly sweet and with a refreshing grassy aroma.
CBD Isolate
Pure isolated CBD, sourced from certified US-grown industrial hemp. Tested for purity, contaminants & potency.
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Mighty Matcha

Matcha (meaning “finely powdered tea”) is strictly sourced from young green tea leaves, and The Apothecary exclusively uses certified organic...

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