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Transperant third-party testing on all items.

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Our History

of Third Party Testing

We’ve been testing our products since the inception of our business.

We follow a series of labeling & testing best practices, though these may not be required in your state or locality. All CBD testing is completed by third-party, ORELAP accredited laboratories. Use the Batch or Product ID listed on your product to locate your test results below, or scan the QR code.

The Apothecary is licensed by the Department of Agriculture to transfer & manufacture hemp goods & food products. License Number #AG-R1044051|HH

We use a variety of testing services, including Green Leaf Lab and 3B Analytical.
Look for their logos in our test results:

The Brother’s Apothecary

Certificates of Analysis

Table intended for quick reference only. Labeling based on +/- 10% to 15% potency variation allowance.
Tests are listed in chronological order & by product name.

COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View 3B.2204.1663 62.86mg 0.05%
View 3B.2112.3852 73.66mg 0.05%
View 3B.2108.2131 39.17mg CBG (5.94mg CBD) 0.01%
View 3B.2108.2426 59.1mg 0.03%
View 3B.2105.1431 61.46mg 0.05%
View 3B.2104.0897 76.48mg 0.04%
View 3B.2102.0372 62.62mg 0.02%
View 3B.2102.0371 63.36mg 0.03%
View 3B.2006.1148 79.42mg 0.06%
View 3B.2009.1649 68.90mg 0.04%
View 910049 70.20mg 0.06%
View 1948039 66.28mg 0.02%
COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View 3B.2204.1666 - CannaCaps* 13.55mg 0.09%
View 3B.2204.1664 9.38mg 0.06%
View 3B.2108.2129 7.58mg < LOQ
View 3B.2112.3857 6.72mg < LOQ
View 3B.2105.1432 7.16mg < LOQ
View 3B.2102.0379 7.45mg 0.04%
View 3B.2006.1052 9.58mg 0.08%
View 3B.2009.1648 6.87mg 0.03%
View 1833019 8.26mg 0.07%
View 1947055 8.09mg 0.09%
COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View CBD Honey Drops #3B.2112.3858 16.25mg (Total 487mg) < LOQ
View CBD Honey Drops #21-013030 17.1mg (Total 513mg) 0.217mg (0.00007%)
View Matcha #3B.2104.0904 16.43mg (Total 115.03mg) < LOQ
View Matcha #3B.2008.1387 18.42mg (Total 129.20mg) < LOQ
View Matcha #G0E0318-05 16.72mg (Total 117.12mg) < LOQ
View Golden Milk #3B.2204.1668 (Three Serving Bag) 69.87mg (Total 209.62mg) < LOQ
View Golden Milk #3B.2011.2216 (Three Serving Bag) 79.65mg (Total 238.97mg) < LOQ
View Golden Milk #3B.2006.1054 (Three Serving Bag) 62.21mg (Total 186.65mg) < LOQ
View Golden Milk #G0A0349-03 (Two Serving Bag, Discontinued) 111.60mg (Total 223.21mg) < LOQ
View Chocodelic Trip #3B.2104.0903 (Three Serving Bag) 71.70mg (Total 215.1mg) < LOQ
View Chocodelic Trip #3B.2008.1386 (Three Serving Bag) 67.22mg (Total 201.68mg) < LOQ
View Chocodelic Trip #3B.2006.1056 (Three Serving Bag) 77.4mg (Total 232.28mg) < LOQ
View Chocodelic Trip #G0A0349-01 (Two Serving Bag, Discontinued) 1115.38mg (Total 230.76mg) < LOQ
View Moon Milk #3B.2108.2428 (Three Serving Bag) 68.05mg (Total 204.17) < LOQ
View Moon Milk #3B.2104.0906 (Three Serving Bag) 73.37mg (Total 220.12mg) < LOQ
View Moon Milk #3B.2011.2218 (Three Serving Bag) 65.50mg (Total 196.51mg) < LOQ
View Moon Milk #3B.2006.1055 (Three Serving Bag) 70.03mg (Total 210.09mg) < LOQ
View Moon Milk #9H0176-05 (Two Serving Bag, Discontinued) 115.43mg (Total 230.86mg) < LOQ
View Peppermint Cocoa #3B.2012.2761 59.34mg (Total 178.03mg) < LOQ
View Peppermint Cocoa #3B.2011.2217 56.08mg (Total 168.26mg) < LOQ
View Wild Rosin Honey #181008 20.45mg (Total 511.4mg) 0.01%
View Delta Honey #21-003027-0001 14.1mg Δ8 < LOQ
View Honey Jar #3B.2012.2760 36.21mg (Total 288mg) < LOQ
View Honey Pouches #3B.2105.1233 15.12mg < LOQ
View Honey Pouches #3B.2006.1053 15.99mg 0.02%
View Honey Pouches #3B.1911.1628 15.29mg 0.1%
View Honey Pouches #3B.1904.0386 9.36mg 0.004%
View CBD Protein #3B.2008.1490 23.15mg (Total 555.62mg) 0.003%
View CBD Protein #3B.2009.1646 19.98mg (Total 479.55mg) < LOQ
View CBD Protein #3B.2104.0893 24.8mg (Total 546.66mg) < LOQ
View Dragon's Lair #3B.2204.1672 18.48mg (Total 554.56mg) < LOQ
View Dragon's Lair #3B.2102.0375 18.69mg (Total 560.95mg) < LOQ
View Dragon's Lair #3B.2006.1057 16.61mg (Total 498.42mg) 0.21%
View Stomach Soother #3B.2204.1671 36.36mg (Total 1090.87mg) < LOQ
View Stomach Soother #3B.2102.0374 34.49mg (1034.70mg) < LOQ
View Stomach Soother #3B.2006.1058 34.51mg (Total 1035.36mg) 0.12%
COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View Chamomile Soak #3B.2104.0901 755.92mg < LOQ
View Chamomile Soak #G0C0031-04 765mg < LOQ
View Earl Grey Polish #3B.2105.1236 935.96mg < LOQ
View Earl Grey Polish #G0C0031-05 930.73mg < LOQ
View Green Tea Body Butter #3B.2104.0900 605.35mg < LOQ
View Green Tea Butter #G0C0031-02 589.90mg < LOQ
View Rosehip Moisturizer #3B.2104.0902 527.97mg < LOQ
View Rosehip Moisturizer #G0C0031-03 514.15mg < LOQ
View Essential Oil Rollers #3B.2103.0696 114.67mg < LOQ
View Essential Oil Rollers #G0E0318-10 96.38mg < LOQ
View Buzz Balm #3B.2105.1234 (Paper-Tube Edition) 18.61mg < LOQ
View Buzz Balm #2021034 (Plastic Tube, Discontinued) 13.8mg < LOQ
COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View D8 Legendary OG #G1H0093-03 26.78% CBD / 16.63% Δ8THC 0.19% Δ9THC
View CBG Flower #145016 2.32% (12.75% CBGa) < LOQ
View Kush Hemp #145020 13.44% 0.06%
View Lifter #145021 12.77% 0.07%
View Suzer Haze #154313 14.92% 0.15%
View Suzer Haze #LS-191205-4 15.0% 0.06% Δ9THC
View Suzer Haze #1904057 17.27% < LOQ
View Sour Space Candy #LS-200115-32 12.3% 0.07% Δ9THC
COA Batch ID CBD per serving THC per serving
View Full Panel / CANAM (#22-011232/D002.R000) - CBD Distillate - Raw material used in Honey & Honey Drops Variable. Tested for Solvents, Metals, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, and Microbiology. 0.28%
View Full Panel / CANAM (#22-011232/D003.R000) - CBD, CBN & CBG Isolates - Raw material used in Drink Mixes, Matcha, Honey Drops, Skin & Body Care Variable. Tested for Solvents, Metals, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Microbiology. < LOQ
View Hemp - USDA Organic Certification Applies to tea, capsules & other full-spectrum flower-based formulas. n/a
View Hemp - Soil Analysis for Metals Analysis of the soil our* hemp is grown in. (*Sourced from East Fork Cultivars) n/a

How to

Read CBD Test Results

Test results vary from lab to lab. Some may require you to do a bit of calculation to know how much CBD is in each individual unit of the product you’re enjoying.

First, it can be common to find test results that highlight mg/g (mg per gram). This is not your total CBD per unit. To determine total CBD potency, multiply this amount by the weight in grams of the product. Other tests may show CBD "per serving" or "per total unit". In these cases, may need to reference the item's packaging to determine how many servings are contained or the total volume or weight of the serving. You can often reference the nutritional or supplemental facts on the back panel for this specific information.

At The Apothecary, we list the tested CBD per unit & per serving on all our products on the front display panel of every item. You can quickly reference how potent each product, and locate all testing on the back or rear side of the product.

Note, even products that show "LOQ" or 0% for THC may still contain trace amounts of THC. This is a reality for virtually every CBD product on the market. As such, we do not guarantee "100%-THC free" products, though many of our products do not show any THC detected.

Here are a few things to look for:

1. THC concentration. CBD products should contain less than 0.3% concentration, and can go as low as LOQ (limit of quantification), of Delta-9 THC. Look for a clear % indication for THC. If testing shows THC potency as mg/g, you can quickly determine the percentage by moving the decimal point one spot to the left. For example, if your test shows 3mg/g total THC, you have a product with 0.3% THC. 10mg/g THC would be 1.0% THC, and so on.

2. CBD amount. CBD products should contain the amount of CBD they advertise, within a reasonable allowance of variation. First, look for the reported CBD amount on the packaging. Next, take note of the net weight & individual unit weight. For example, a tea with Net Weight of 10 grams and 3 tea bags means each bag weighs 3.33 grams. If your Certificate of Analysis (COA) shows 20mg/g, multiply 20 * 3.3 grams. This results in 66 mg per tea bag, which should reflect the amount printed on the packaging. At the Brothers, tests will often show the total CBD potency per individual serving size or unit. (Note, batches vary and we generally see a ~5-10% variance in potency between servings)

3. Date extracted, batch or lot number, and laboratory partner. Make sure you know when & who performed the test. These are essential information points and be used to verify the batch ID on your product matches the batch result you're reviewing. Some test results can be valid for up to a year, and others may change more frequently.

If you ever have questions about our testing (or any testing), please contact us at [email protected].

Review our

Test Results

Because we are constantly working with new partners, our testing often changes.
For the most up to date testing, click the link below.

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