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Lemon Ginger Honey Drops | CBD Gummy

Honey-Based CBD Gummy


Lemon & Organic Ginger Infused CBD Gummy

The Brothers Lemon Ginger Honey Drops are made with 100% real honey, real lemons, and real ginger, then coated in natural water-soluble vitamin C crystals.

30 count • Estimated 25mg Per Honey Drop (15mg CBD, 5-7mg CBG & CBN)
*PLEASE NOTE: Current batch #23-000730-0004 includes Est. 9mg CBG & 7mg CBN. Please reference your container for exact batch.

Also see our new Turmeric Orange Honey Drops.

Note, we are unable to ship to the following states: Oregon. This list may not represent all limited shipping areas. By purchasing this product, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  • Made with Oregon Honey, Organic Lemon & Organic Ginger

  • Contains CBD, CBG and CBN (Estimated 750mg Total, 450mg CBD)

  • NO Corn Syrup or Artificial Ingredients

  • Coated in Vitamin-C (& a touch of Organic Cane Sugar)

Lemon Ginger Honey Drops


Wildflower Honey
Also known as polyfloral honey, it is derived from numerous species of flowers and blossoms. High nutrition content with long history. A sweet, delicate maple flavor.
Ginger Root Powder
A delicious spice with a distinct flavor, dried and powdered ginger root is tangy, fiery, and pungent. Like fresh ginger, it supports healthy digestion.
Ginger Extract
An extract of the rhizome of the ginger plant. It contains different phenolic compounds & supports a healthy immune system.
Lemon Oil
Distilled from organic lemons. Bright, pungent, and citrusy with light notes of sweetness. Awakening and clarifying.
Purified Water
Simple as it comes: purified water. Used to improve consistency and mix-ability of ingredients. Only sourced from clean, healthy sources.
MCT is Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are fats found in foods like coconut oil. Clear to a golden yellow color, MCT oil is also very light in flavor, slightly sweet with hint of coconut.
One of a kind
Lemon Ginger Honey Drops
Made with Willamette Valley Oregon honey + organic botanicals.
USA Grown Hemp graphic Non-Psychoactive graphic Organic Quality graphic Hand-made graphic Third-party Tested graphic
We use sustainable & organic ingredients in every blend.
We don’t compromise on quality. That’s why we use local, sustainable & organic ingredients in every blend of tea.

Cannabinoids also need to be able to work in your body, referred to as "bioavailability". That's why nearly all of our teas, capsules and superfoods are infused with a proprietary hemp + coconut base, formulated for CBD absorption.

You may notice ingredients like Tapioca Maltodextrin (sourced from organic Yuca Root) and Organic Acacia Fiber. Both help prevent clumping and improve mixability. Just like our herbs and tea, these base ingredients come from small, organic farms.

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