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Our Teas


The Peak of Luscious Escape to a tropical paradise with Highiscus - an exotic blend of scarlet Hibiscus flower, bright Orange and Lemon Peels, tart Cranberry, refreshing Spearmint, and local Hemp...

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Chai Awakening

Awaken your senses In this enlightening blend Chai Awakening, classic Chai meets warm Ginger, comforting Cinnamon, aromatic Cloves and earthy Nutmeg Sweetened with a kiss of Vanilla, and paired...

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Oolong Passion

Exotic, Passionate & Mild Oolong Passion is our smoothest full-bodied Green Tea blended with semi-sweet exotic Passion Fruit, bright Lemongrass, lush Blood Orange Peel and local Hemp  Oolong...

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Buddha’s Berry

The Art of Zen in Every Cup Buddha's Berry is a tea-drinkers favorite Sweet, fruity, and earthy Organic Green tea blended with Rama, Khrisna, and Vana Tulsi, Blackberry leaf and paired with local...

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Mellow Mint

Bright, Refreshing & NW Inspired A bright and refreshing blend of Pacific Northwest grown Peppermint, Spearmint and local hemp Here’s to the Pacific Northwest: a paradise of green, growth and...

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