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The Benefits of CBD Tea and Why We Make It

Small-Batch CBD Tea by The Brothers Apothecary When we first opened our doors in 2016, knew we wanted to make something healthy, delicious, and unique The vast majority of hemp and cannabis edibles...

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What is Your Tea Zodiac Sign?

Zodiac Signs & Tea: How They Relate It's basically impossible to not have come across the zodiac at some point in your life Whether it was a zodiac-focused candle or a conversation with a friend...

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Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

CBD is a safe way to boost your wellness game as a naturally soothing plant compound It can help soothe tension, ease discomfort, and promote rest and relaxation But, while beneficial to your...

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CBD Bath Bombs: Do They Work?

Nothing says ahhhh quite like a long soak in the tub After a rough day, getting to settle into a warm bath can help wash all of those bad feelings away as you let waves of calm roll over...

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Mindfulness Exercises for 2022

Mindfulness is a state of presence, existing at the moment and holding mindful awareness of one’s surroundings without judgment   We are all capable of mindfulness, but for many of us,...

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The Best CBD Tea: Choosing the Right CBD Tea for You

Choosing the Best CBD Tea for You CBD tea is one of the best ways to use cannabis, and for good reason So what's the best CBD tea And what do you need to know when shopping for the right...

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7 Surprising Facts About The Hemp Plant

All About Hemp Hemp is one of the most useful, renewable crops on planet earth It's beneficial to soil and people alike, it's responsible for the hemp-derived CBD we use in our products, and it's a...

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Does CBD Cancel THC Side Effects?

Too Much Of A Good Thing We've all been there Maybe you took one too many blunt hits, or you seriously underestimated that edible Now, you're trapped in a weed spiral, feeling uncomfortable from a...

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5 Ways To Get Your Daily Dose of CBD

CBD All Day CBD has been heralded as a virtual panacea People of all ages take CBD daily to help with everything from anxiety to chronic pain to getting a better night's sleep! These days, there are...

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Why CBD Is A Smart Pick For Senior Citizens

CBD For Every Body CBD has been used for hundreds of years as a pain reliever, a holistic anti-anxiety treatment, and a sleep aid among other things In fact, these days you can find CBD in...

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