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Health & Wellness

Yucca Root: Benefits, Uses, & More

Yucca root is a hardy, staple crop that feeds millions across the globe Hailing from South America and Africa, this dark brown root vegetable is similar to potatoes in texture and appearance...

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What Makes Oregon Grown Hemp So Unique?

Title: What Makes Oregon Grown Hemp So Unique URL: /oregon-grown Meta Description: Does where hemp come from actually matter Let’s discuss what makes Oregon-grown hemp unique with The...

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Is CBD Legal In Every State?

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the wellness industry and even beyond it You can find CBD as an ingredient in soaps, bath bombs, candies, seltzers, and more It’s no surprise that...

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CBD Food

CBD foods are truly a foodie’s dream: delectable and tasty treats infused with wellness-boosting CBD The sky's the limit when it comes to CBD foods, and you can easily create your own edible...

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History of Hemp: How It Started

The United States has had a somewhat strange relationship with hemp, shifting from relying heavily on the hardy plant in the 1940s to banning its growth completely for over 60 years With hemp...

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Herbs for Concentration

Herbs are often used to encourage restfulness and relaxation I mean, who doesn’t love a cup of calming herbal tea before bed We can all use a little extra TLC these days, and here at The Brothers...

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Weed vs. Alcohol: Which Is Better?

Because cannabis has been heavily criminalized and condemned in recent decades, there has been a long-standing belief by many that weed is more dangerous than alcohol But, is that really the...

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What Is Rooibos Used For?

Rooibos, which means “red bush” in Afrikaans, is a plant that has been used to make tea for hundreds of years This herbal tea uses leaves from the Aspalathus linearis, a type of shrub found in...

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Vanilla Beans: The Full Scoop

When we say vanilla, what comes to mind A warm, soothing-scented candle making your room a little sweeter on a cold winter day A calming vanilla bean scrub that elevates your self-care regime The...

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Spearmint Benefits To Know About

You may know spearmint as a common flavor for gum, but this cooling herb can do much more than simply freshen your breath–although it does do that too!   Also known as garden mint or...

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