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Health & Wellness

Herbs for Concentration

Herbs are often used to encourage restfulness and relaxation I mean, who doesn’t love a cup of calming herbal tea before bed We can all use a little extra TLC these days, and here at The Brothers...

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CBD Oil Vs Gummies: Which Is Better?

There is no shortage of ways to enjoy CBD With CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD teas and cocoas, smoking blends, topicals and soaks…the sky is truly the limit when it comes to incorporating CBD into your...

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CBD Coffee: Good for Relaxation?

For many of us, it’s second nature to seek out a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or even a second cup during that afternoon slump That wafting coffee aroma can feel like just what we...

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Hawthorn Berry Tea: Properties And More!

Isn’t there just something about a ripe and juicy summertime berry This time of year, there is little better than fresh-berry-packed pancakes on lazy summer mornings, a refreshing snack of summer...

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Are There Different Types of CBDs? Everything You Need to Know!

As CBD becomes increasingly popular and with all the different ways CBD can be used, it can be difficult to keep track of the basics Like, what is CBD What types of CBD are out there How does it...

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Holistic Health: Tips and Tricks

Holistic health is an all-encompassing approach to wellness that aims to address the root of health issues so that you can support your own health and wellbeing from all sides While holistic...

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Why Am I So Tense All of the Time? 

Take a moment to notice how you’re holding your body Is your jaw clenched Are your shoulders raised Are you slouched over your screen Are your thoughts already skipping ahead to the next item on...

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The Best Herbs for Relaxation

These days, it can feel nearly impossible to relax With external stressors, heavy workloads, and constant access to information or stimulation, it seems harder and harder to find the time to unwind...

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Mullein Tea: Properties and More!

You may have unknowingly seen the mullein plant on long drives or hikes, where the tall plants thrive in fields and embankments along the roadside and on trails But did you know these visually unique...

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CBD Nasal Spray: Does It Work?

As CBD becomes increasingly popular for its many wellness benefits, there seem to be more and more ways to use CBD too There are CBD oils, gummies, teas and cocoas, smoking blends, bath salts and...

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