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Sweet Heat Aji Limo Chili | CBD Honey

CBD Chili Honey

2 oz Jar (8 Servings)
4 oz Jar (16 Servings)

Meet Sweet Heat: Our CBD Hot Honey

Meet our fiery blend of Willamette Valley honey + Peruvian Limo Chili, Thai Chili, Ghost Pepper, and full spectrum hemp extract.

This honey packs a punch, but is perfectly approachable for those who don’t mind heat. Slather on your grilled favorites, add to your charcuterie board, top your pizza, or simply enjoy on its own. Guaranteed to brighten your mood and lift your spirit.

  • NEW! 4oz Jar Size & Lower Prices 🤑

  • Approx. 25-30mg CBD per Tsp. Batches Vary.

  • Made with Organic Honey, Spices & Chilis

  • 100% US Hemp Derived CBD, Made in Small Batches

Sweet Heat Aji Limo Chili


Wildflower Honey
Also known as polyfloral honey, it is derived from numerous species of flowers and blossoms. High nutrition content with long history. A sweet, delicate maple flavor.
Full Spectrum Extract
Sourced from industrial hemp (< 0.3% THC) flowers. Retains full cannabinoid profile and allows for high-potency infusions.
Aji Limo Paste
A vibrant chili native to the northern coast of Peru. Aji Limo rounds out many delicious recipes.
Thai Chili
Also known as Bird's Eye Chili, these spicy peppers are generally 15x hotter than jalapeños. Adds a kick!
Apple Cider Vinegar
A vinegar made from fermented apple juice. Uniquely tangy, a bit sweet, always sour, and rich in benefits for the body.
Ghost Pepper Extract
Ghost Pepper, or bhut jolokia, is a hybrid chili that earned the top spot as the world's hottest chili. Featured in our Sweet Heat honey in a VERY sparing amount.
Master the art of firebreathing with
Sweet Heat
Our firey blend of Willamette Valley honey and Peruvian Limo chili, Thai Chili, Ghost Pepper, and full spectrum hemp extract.
USA Grown Hemp graphic Non-Psychoactive graphic Organic Quality graphic Hand-made graphic Third-party Tested graphic
We use sustainable & organic ingredients in every blend.
We don’t compromise on quality. That’s why we use local, sustainable & organic ingredients in every blend of tea.

Cannabinoids also need to be able to work in your body, referred to as "bioavailability". That's why nearly all of our teas, capsules and superfoods are infused with a proprietary hemp + coconut base, formulated for CBD absorption.

You may notice ingredients like Tapioca Maltodextrin (sourced from organic Yuca Root) and Organic Acacia Fiber. Both help prevent clumping and improve mixability. Just like our herbs and tea, these base ingredients come from small, organic farms.

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