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Health & Wellness

Coconut Benefits & Its Properties

If you’ve gone shopping recently, chances are you’ve seen a coconut product while out and about  From hair and skincare products at the pharmacy and non-dairy milk options at your coffee shop...

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Butterfly Blue Pea: Uses & More

This dazzling flowered plant is gaining popularity in the culinary world and is already a staple in herbal remedies used in Southeastern Asia Found predominantly in Thailand, butterfly blue pea is...

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CBD Topicals: How To Use Them

These days, there is no shortage of ways you can introduce CBD into your routine With ingestible options ranging from CBD oils to gummies to teas, and topical options such as gels, lotions, and...

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Ginkgo Biloba Benefits For Adults

You may have heard about the many benefits of ginkgo biloba, which is believed to help improve blood flow and support healthy brain function But what exactly is ginkgo biloba, where does it come...

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CBD Recovery Methods & Techniques

Moving your body should be fun, but the day or two after, when you’re feeling the aftermath in your muscles with every step you take That part is maybe not quite as fun, even for...

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CBD Gift Baskets for the Holidays

Know a friend who you think would love incorporating CBD into their life, but is overwhelmed by the number of options out there With so many different ways to experience the beneficial effects of...

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Matcha Benefits That Are Magical

Matcha is a rich, fine tea powder that is naturally caffeinated but also calming A recent resurgence in popularity means that you have likely seen matcha powder folded into steamed milk at your local...

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CBD Christmas Gifts 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While you are lighting winter-scented candles, decorating the tree, building gingerbread houses, queuing up the classic hallmark movies, and getting...

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CBD Buyers Guide to the Holidays

Let's face it, this year hasn’t been the easiest for a lot of us If you have friends and family members who are feeling the stress of this time, a CBD-based product can be the perfect gift to let...

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Bioavailability Broken Down

While looking into the various CBD products available or trying to learn more about the different plant-based supplements that are out there, you may have come across this word quite a bit in your...

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