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Health & Wellness

CBD for Pets: Good or Bad?

If you live with a furry friend, you probably are familiar with their stressors Maybe they get nervous before long drives, with loud sounds like fireworks, or when you have guests over Or perhaps...

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Too Much CBD? What Is Going To Happen?

If you’re interested in using CBD supplements or tinctures, you may be wondering: is there a risk of going overboard with CBD dosage Can it be dangerous The good news is that CBD is incredibly...

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Licorice Root Benefits For Detox

Used to flavor drinks for pharaohs in ancient Egypt, in candy, and medicines in Western Asia, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Greece, sweet licorice root and licorice extract remain among the...

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CBD vs. THC: What’s the Difference?

If you’re familiar with cannabis, you may know of the two main cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant: CBD and THC But if you don’t know much besides the names, you are not alone Many...

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What Is Post Workout CBD?

How do you feel after finishing a stellar workout If you’re like most of us, you feel great as your brain releases dopamine and adrenaline moves through your body  However, shortly after a...

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CBD Drinks: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re familiar with CBD, you may be familiar with its most common forms CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals are great, but what about CBD seltzers Or CBD coffees and teas  While these...

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Does CBD Work?

If you’ve heard of the many benefits associated with CBD, you may be wondering…is this legit Can this tiny cannabis compound have such an effect on your wellbeing And if so, how We understand...

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What Is CBN?

You may have noticed CBD or cannabidiol cropping up on product labels found at your grocery store and pharmacy This federally legal cannabinoid is becoming more commonplace, making its way into...

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Best CBD Products For Relaxation

Times are tough – we get it This year hasn’t been an easy one If you feel the stress of this winter, finding ways to relax can benefit your well-being  That’s why we created this guide...

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CBG vs. CBD: How Are They Different?

While CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, the plant contains over 100 distinct cannabinoids One of the lesser-known compounds: Cannabigerol What Is...

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