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The holidays are upon us! If you’ve got a list full of eager gift recipients and no idea what to get them, don’t sweat! We’ve got you covered with The Brothers Apothecary Holiday 2018 CBD Gift Guide. 

For Dad
Wezz CBD Burnt Caramel ($30)

This CBD Burnt Caramel packs a punch with 50mg-200mg per container, and tastes sinfully delicious. You might not have thought he’d be much for CBD, but we guarantee Pops will be topping his evening sundaes (and stirring a spoonful or two into his winter hot whiskey).*

For Mom
Wild Rosin CBD Honey ($40)

Wild Rosin CBD Honey is the perfect gift for any tea drinker, baker or sweet tooth. Our Wild Rosin Honey is handcrafted using full-spectrum Hemp Rosin and blended with sustainable, ethically harvested raw wildflower honey.* It’s the perfect mix-in for Mom’s morning tea (or evening hot toddy).

For Your Best Buds
Peppermint Chocolate Trip ($9.95)

Ring in the season with your best buds and a few mugs of Peppermint Chocolate Trip CBD hot cocoa. With 100mg per container, you’ll be feeling mighty merry. Our recommendation? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon, and make your cocoa with rich whole milk for an extra rich sipping experience.*

For Grandma & Gramps
Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea ($15)

Give Gram and Gramps the gift of a good night’s sleep with some Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea. Formulated with bedtime in mind, this comforting blend of chamomile, refreshing peppermint, bright orange peel, exotic lemongrass, calming hawthorn berry and linden leaf plus hemp-derived CBD will soothe any aches and pains for a truly relaxing, silent night.*

For Your Sis
CBD Buzz Balm ($9.95) & Pumpkin Spice Chai CBD Hemp Tea ($15)

Keep your sis right on trend with a gift of our Pumpkin Spice Chai CBD Hemp Tea and our first CBD body care essential, the CBD Buzz Balm. One sip of our sweet n’ spicy blend of organic black tea, traditional Chai spices, rich pumpkin and local hemp-derived CBD will have her forgetting all about those PSLs. The CBD Buzz Balm is Brother’s first and fave body care item. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our CBD lip and under-eye balm is ultra-nourishing, moisturizes the delicate lip and under-eye skin, and because CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory it works wonders to reduce puffy under-eye bags. Trust us, she won’t want to leave home without it!*

For Your Bro
Insight CBD Essential Oil Roller ($25) & Mystic Kava Root CBD Hemp Tea ($15)

Give your bro the gift of enlightenment! Or at least, help him get closer with Brothers Insight CBD Essential Oil Roller and Mystic Kava Root CBD Hemp Tea. Our Insight Essential Oil Roller is a unique blend of hemp-derived CBD and essential oils known to heighten the third eye’s mystic abilities. Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang, White Fir, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Juniper and Jasmine help “lift the veil” and harmonize energies, while hemp-derived CBD calms the mind and helps reset emotional energies. And hey – even if he doesn’t buy into the mysticism, the roller ball smells pretty good. Round out the gift with some Mystic Kava Root CBD Hemp Tea – our signature blend of mellow kava root, organic Cassia cinnamon chips, tart cranberries, sweet stevia and locally-grown CBD hemp.*

For The Perfect Stocking Stuffer
Brothers CBD Coconut Oil Sticks ($15) & Brothers CBD Honey Sticks ( $9)

Need a perfect stocking stuffer? Snag some CBD Coconut Oil Sticks and CBD Honey Sticks! Whether naughty or nice, everyone deserves a boost of calming CBD in their morning tea or coffee. Made with organic coconut oil and 10-13mg CBD per stick, our CBD Coconut Oil Sticks are the perfect added fat for extra absorption of your CBD or THC teas.  Our CBD Honey Sticks are the perfect kiss of sweetness for any beverage, with an added boost of 10-13 CBD per stick.*


*The Apothecary LLC are not doctors and we do not provide medical advice. None of the information on this site, including information in any press release or blog post, constitutes legal or medical advice by us.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.


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Jesse Richardson, Health & Wellness Advocate
Ambassador of Teas, CEO

Jesse Richardson is the co-founder of The Brothers Apothecary. He's an avid tea drinker and the primary creator behind The Brothers' products. An undergraduate of UCLA for Political Science, Jesse currently studies Medicinal Plants at Cornell University and The International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.

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