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There is no shortage of ways to enjoy CBD. With CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD teas and cocoas, smoking blends, topicals and soaks…the sky is truly the limit when it comes to incorporating CBD into your routine.

And while we are all for having options, all these choices can also feel a little overwhelming. Are their effects different? Is one better than the other? How can you know which one is best for you?

If you’re asking yourself these questions–don’t worry. We’re here at the Apothecary to guide you through the different forms of CBD available and help you find your perfect fit.

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the main phytocannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Most commonly derived from hemp–a classification of cannabis that has a low concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC–CBD is known for its plethora of wellness benefits.

Phytocannabinoids such as CBD are uniquely capable of providing wellness benefits by working with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (or ECS).

The ECS is an internal system that relies on cannabinoid receptors throughout the nervous system to transmit chemical messages. These chemical messages are called endocannabinoids, and they are produced within the brain as needed to help regulate normal body function.

Endocannabinoids such as anandamide can help maintain homeostasis by binding with cannabinoid receptors (Cb receptors) throughout the body to reduce stress and tension, ease physical tension, provide sleep support, and help boost the mood, and more.

As a phytocannabinoid, CBD can work within the ECS to help strengthen and prolong the benefits of endocannabinoids.

Does CBD Get You High?

While some phytocannabinoids such as THC are capable of altering the mental state, CBD is not psychoactive and won’t cause a high. CBD doesn’t bind directly with cannabinoid receptors in the brain the way THC is believed to, and so using it won’t alter your mental state.

Instead, CBD can help block enzymes from breaking down our natural endocannabinoids as quickly, meaning CBD simply elevates and enhances the naturally soothing benefits of our own ECS at work.

And–while the 2018 Farm Bill allows the use of hemp with up to the federally legal limit of 0.3 mg of THC in CBD products–this is not a high enough concentration of THC to produce any psychoactive effects, even when taken in large doses.

If you’d prefer a CBD product without any THC, however, you can use broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate products. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, THC is removed during the extraction process for broad-spectrum and isolated CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD is considered extremely safe, with few effects reported even when taken in large quantities. Side effects are typically mild and extremely rare, and are most likely to occur when CBD is consumed in extremely high doses.

Some of the side effects associated with CBD include fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, and headaches.

While these side effects are typically short lived, the best way to avoid them is to start slow (we recommend starting with a dose of about five to ten milligrams a day and adding another five milligrams as needed until you find the right dose for you), keep your daily intake under 150 milligrams of CBD per day, and only purchase CBD from reputable sources.

Here at The Brothers Apothecary, we use only high-quality locally sourced hemp. All of our products are tested in a third-party lab to ensure all ingredients are high quality, free of contamination such as heavy metals or pesticides, and verify that the CBD dosage is accurately labeled.

Can Anyone Use CBD?

While CBD is well tolerated by most people, it may interact with certain medications such as blood thinners or blood pressure medication. If you use any other herbal supplements, medicines, or drugs, be sure to check in with a healthcare provider to ensure CBD won’t have a negative drug interaction.

What Are the Different Types of CBD?

You can experience the benefits of CBD in all of its many forms! Let’s dive into some of the most popular methods of consumption.


CBD oils combine CBD extract with a carrier oil. These oils can use either full-spectrum CBD (meaning it contains all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the hemp plant), broad-spectrum (meaning it contains all of the nourishing plant parts except THC), or isolated CBD (completely isolated CBD, with none of the other hemp compounds included).

For our CBD oils, we use MCT oil to help boost the CBD’s bioavailability. This is important because CBD has a naturally low bioavailability, meaning it is not easily absorbed on its own.

Because CBD is fat-soluble, the body can’t absorb it well without the addition of a fatty substance. The carrier oil, however, makes sure you get the most of your CBD.

One benefit of CBD oils is that they are extremely versatile. You can find flavored and unflavored CBD oil, and can take by mixing a few drops of the oil into your favorite smoothie or other drink, incorporating it into food, or taking directly under the tongue.

Some people prefer adding CBD oil to food and drink to mask the oil’s naturally earthy taste, while others prefer the fast-acting relief that occurs when oil is taken sublingually. When held under the tongue, the CBD is absorbed into blood vessels in the mouth, and the effects usually kick in within 15 to 30 minutes. When mixed with food or drink, it can take about an hour to feel the effects as the CBD must first move through the digestive system.

You can also easily experiment with the dose of CBD oils to find your sweet spot, as they come with a dropper to allow for precise measurements.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are popular types of CBD edibles of consumption that combine CBD with other fun and flavorful ingredients. Like a bite-sized snack, gummies often boast delightful flavor profiles and can include other beneficial herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Here at the Apothecary, we use only natural ingredients in our one-of-a-kind full-spectrum CBD gummies. Both our immune-boosting Lemon Ginger Honey Drops and Orange Tumeric Honey Drops combine CBD with antioxidant-rich vitamin C, real fruit, and pure Oregon honey to transform the earthy CBD into something tart and sweet that will hit the spot morning, afternoon, or night.

Most CBD gummies contain anywhere between five and 50 mg of CBD per serving (typically one to two gummies per day). It usually takes at least 45 minutes before the effects of digested CBD gummies kick in, but these effects can last for up to eight hours.

While CBD gummies provide less flexibility to change up your daily dose, they are great if you prefer a consistent dose that’s convenient to take on the go.


CBD teas are a wonderfully warm and soothing way to reap the benefits CBD has to offer. By pairing CBD with the botanicals and herbs used in traditional teas, the many plant compounds can work synergistically to provide a delectable aroma and added wellness benefits.

We craft our Apothecary teas with dried CBD flowers and a proprietary infusion process that combines Yucca Root, Tapioca, and Coconut sourced from small farms to boost the CBD’s bioavailability.

A caffeinated CBD tea can help kickstart your morning with a quiet energy, while a caffeine-free herbal CBD tea is ideal for winding down and relaxing at the end of the day. Based on the botanicals included, CBD teas can help boost cognitive function, soothe a sour stomach, inspire the spirit and mind, and more.

CBD Oil Rollers

CBD rollers are a form of topical CBD that can ease physical discomfort and calm the mind.

Crafted with essential oils, CBD rollers provide aromatherapy as the CBD is rubbed into the skin to join endocannabinoids at nearby cb receptors.

All of our CBD rollers provide their own unique benefits based on the botanicals included. With plant compounds like marjoram and sweet basil, our Pain Away Roller is ideal for easing localized discomfort or soothing sore muscles, while our Unwind Roller pairs calming chamomile and lavender to help promote full-body relaxation.

And because the CBD works with cb receptors near the application site rather than fully absorbed into the bloodstream, these rollers can start relieving discomfort within 15 to 20 minutes, and are safe to reapply throughout the day as needed.

CBD Smoking Blends

Like CBD teas, CBD smoking blends combine dried hemp flowers with other nourishing herbs and botanicals. But instead of brewing these botanicals into tea, they are inhaled directly into the lungs.

This method of intake is considered the fastest-acting one, as the CBD is inhaled and absorbed directly into the lungs. Typically, effects can kickin within minutes.

Which Is Better: CBD Gummies or CBD Oil?

With so many forms of CBD available, choosing the right one can feel a bit overwhelming. How can you know which one is best?

The good news is: there is no wrong answer!

Whether you’re relying on an oil, tea, or gummy for your CBD intake, all forms of CBD are capable of working with the endocannabinoid system to help relieve stress and tension, ease discomfort, and calm the mind. Choosing the right one really depends on your own personal preference.

For instance, if you aren’t sure what amount of CBD you need to feel the effects, starting with an oil can provide the flexibility you need to try out different doses and see what works for you. And if you’d rather something consistent and easy to take out and about, gummies may be the right fit for you.

When deciding which CBD oil or gummies are right for you, you may also want to consider the taste, ingredients used, and amount of CBD per serving size.

The Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice

CBD can help ease discomfort, relieve mental stress, and promote relaxation–no matter which method of intake you choose.

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each method of consumption can help you decide the best option for your own unique wellness needs.

Whether you know which form of CBD you’re interested in already or want to check out all of your options, you can find our wide array of CBD oils, gummies, teas, and smoking blends at The Brothers Apothecary shop!



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Jesse Richardson, Health & Wellness Advocate
Ambassador of Teas, CEO

Jesse Richardson is the co-founder of The Brothers Apothecary. He's an avid tea drinker and the primary creator behind The Brothers' products. An undergraduate of UCLA for Political Science, Jesse currently studies Medicinal Plants at Cornell University and The International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.

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