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Health & Wellness

CBD Nasal Spray: Does It Work?

As CBD becomes increasingly popular for its many wellness benefits, there seem to be more and more ways to use CBD too There are CBD oils, gummies, teas and cocoas, smoking blends, bath salts and...

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Mugwort Tea: Properties and More!

If you find mugwort in your garden, you may think of it as nothing more than a pesky weed that needs to be pulled But wait! By discarding these flowering plants with your yard waste, you may...

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Ashwagandha Tea: Properties and More!

Herbal remedies have been providing wellness benefits to users for thousands of years And one of the most popular herbs used throughout the rich history of herbal medicines is ashwagandha The...

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Astragalus Tea: Properties and More!

Astragalus The name alone sounds as though it belongs up with the stars, the planets, and the cosmos if you ask us And while astragalus is an earth-bound plant, its powerful root has been used for...

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Chaga Tea: Properties And More!

If you’re a fellow mushroom lover, you may already be familiar with some of the wellness benefits of our common fungi friends But here’s a wellness-supporting mushroom you’re unlikely to...

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Yucca Root: Benefits, Uses, & More

Yucca root is a hardy, staple crop that feeds millions across the globe Hailing from South America and Africa, this dark brown root vegetable is similar to potatoes in texture and appearance...

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What Makes Oregon Grown Hemp So Unique?

Title: What Makes Oregon Grown Hemp So Unique URL: /oregon-grown Meta Description: Does where hemp come from actually matter Let’s discuss what makes Oregon-grown hemp unique with The...

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Is CBD Legal In Every State?

The Brothers Apothecary does not provide legal advice This information is opinion-based and may not be updated regularly  CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the wellness industry and...

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CBD Food

CBD foods are truly a foodie’s dream: delectable and tasty treats infused with wellness-boosting CBD The sky's the limit when it comes to CBD foods, and you can easily create your own edible...

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History of Hemp: How It Started

The United States has had a somewhat strange relationship with hemp, shifting from relying heavily on the hardy plant in the 1940s to banning its growth completely for over 60 years With hemp...

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