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Health & Wellness

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

You probably know about the munchies associated with cannabis use So, it’s natural then to question if CBD–one of the most active cannabinoids in the cannabis and hemp plant – will make you...

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CBD vs. Melatonin: Which Is Better?

If you can use some sleep support, you aren’t alone Many of us struggle with that long, stretched-out period of time that seems to strike between when our head hits the pillow and when sleep...

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CBD Inhaler: Is It Actually Safe?

You may be familiar with CBD oils and edibles, but have you heard of CBD inhalers These pocket-sized travel companions are getting more attention lately and come with a whole lot of benefits So,...

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How To Take CBD: Methods of Consumption

If you’re interested in CBD, you’ve likely noticed that there is no shortage of ways to use this popular cannabinoid With CBD oils, drinks, skincare products, smoking blends, and more all...

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Shroom Boom: The Rise of Psilocybin

When you hear the phrase “magic mushrooms,” what comes to mind Maybe the hippie culture of the sixties, or maybe the vibrant and waving colors associated with a psychedelic trip What about...

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CBD Gummies: A Complete Guide

Looking for a fun, tasty, and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your routine Look no further than CBD gummies! What Are CBD Gummies Using CBD extract from the buds of the hemp plant, CBD...

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Broad Spectrum CBD: An Overview

Choosing a CBD product is a matter of personal preference But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know your preference That’s why  The Brothers Apothecary is here to help break down...

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Are Mushrooms Legal in the US?

Possession of psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms, has been illegal in the US for decades However, we sense a shift is coming as more research publicizes the benefits of...

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Mindfulness Exercises for 2022

Mindfulness is a state of presence, existing at the moment and holding mindful awareness of one’s surroundings without judgment   We are all capable of mindfulness, but for many of us,...

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How To Make CBD From Scratch

If you’re out of bread to bake and looking for a new project to keep you entertained this winter, we have just the thing: making CBD from scratch CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the main...

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