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Health & Wellness

Weed vs. Alcohol: Which Is Better?

Because cannabis has been heavily criminalized and condemned in recent decades, there has been a long-standing belief by many that weed is more dangerous than alcohol But, is that really the...

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What Is Rooibos Used For?

Rooibos, which means “red bush” in Afrikaans, is a plant that has been used to make tea for hundreds of years This herbal tea uses leaves from the Aspalathus linearis, a type of shrub found in...

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Vanilla Beans: The Full Scoop

When we say vanilla, what comes to mind A warm, soothing-scented candle making your room a little sweeter on a cold winter day A calming vanilla bean scrub that elevates your self-care regime The...

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Spearmint Benefits To Know About

You may know spearmint as a common flavor for gum, but this cooling herb can do much more than simply freshen your breath–although it does do that too!   Also known as garden mint or...

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What Is Delta-8?

You know about CBD and THC, but what about delta-8 There’s been a lot of talk about this cannabinoid recently, but what exactly is it, what are its benefits, and why is the controversy in so many...

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How To Use CBD Oil for Discomfort

Physical discomfort may be a natural part of the human experience, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant Whether you woke up with a crick in your neck, are feeling the effects of...

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CBD Cigarettes: Good or Bad?

CBD cigarettes have become a popular way to enjoy CBD, especially for anyone trying to quit tobacco cigarettes But, with so many health risks associated with smoking cigs, we have to ask–do CBD...

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil: What Is It?

If you’re familiar with CBD, you may know that there are three main types of CBD available: isolated CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD Many users prefer full-spectrum CBD, but what...

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CBD Bath Bombs: Do They Work?

Nothing says ahhhh quite like a long soak in the tub After a rough day, getting to settle into a warm bath can help wash all of those bad feelings away as you let waves of calm roll over...

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Cannabinoid Receptors: A Guide

If you’ve used CBD before, you’re already likely familiar with their soothing and wellness-boosting benefits But what exactly is going on inside the body to cause those benefits after taking...

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