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It’s time for a better bedtime.

As we enter the fifth month of the pandemic and quarantine, days and nights seem to mesh together. That’s why we’ve created the perfect evening bedtime routine to transition from afternoon to evening.

It’s an easy routine incorporating some basic meditation with some simple stretches, as well as best-practices for body and mind.

Step One: Rinse Off the Day

Even if you are working at home, stress and tension build up in your body. So hop in the shower and scrub off the day. It’s refreshing and clarifying for the mind.

Research has shown that a warm bath or shower will also help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. Taking a shower or a bath before bed can have several benefits, including helping you relax, cleansing daily contaminants from the skin, and forcing you to have some me-time. Shower or bath, you’ll help yourself disconnect from the day.

Tip: During this time, try to do your regular bedtime routine (brushing teeth, skin care, etc), all without having your phone in the bathroom with you. Making this place a no phone zone will help you relax and keep your mind focused.

Step Two: Social Media & Blue Light

Your phone gives off blue light, which can act has a sunlight keeping your mind awake and can actually lower the melatonin that your body naturally produces.

So create a digital curfew.

Phone’s now have settings that will disable certain apps at certain times. This will allow you to concentrate and focus on other things (and we are all guilty of the Instagram scroll). Try setting up a nightly reminder or flat-out restrict apps after a certain time. Don’t worry, you can always bypass the restriction if something urgent comes up.

Step Three: Tea Time before Bed

We’re obviously big fans of tea, so naturally, we’d recommend brewing up a cup of your favorite relaxing (non-caffeinated) tea.

And you can add CBD to your cup, either with a tincture or a CBD tea.

For CBD tea, we’d recommend Golden Dream. It’s a caffeine-free, and made of powerful herbs & botanicals that are formulated to help you fall asleep. Chamomile, lindenleaf, and hawthorne berry, for example, all help relax the mind and body: a synergistic combination with the 50-70mg of CBD per tea.

Step Four: Decompress

Now that you are relaxed and sipping your tea, use this time to decompress, get cozy in bed with your favorite blankets a pillows.

Not sure what to do to occupy your focus? Journalling is a great way to decompress from the day! Try using a journal like The Five Minute Journal. This journal has a structured outline and only takes a couple minutes out of your routine.

Step Five: Prepare your Bed’s Space

It’s almost time to go to sleep! Before bed, get your space ready for sleep. We suggest lowering lights and if possible, diffusing lavender. The slightly scent and small background noise is another great way to relax your mind. You can also turn to topical solutions, including rolling on a bit of our Unwind CBD Essential Oil blend. The goal here is to prepare a space that’s conducive to rest, relaxation, and clam.

If you are partnered, encourage them to follow this bedtime routine with you!

The Brothers Apothecary

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