Travel & Flight Anxiety

Vacations are supposed to be an escape from the stress and anxiety your daily routine. But no matter how prepared you are, travelling is a stressful event. From missed flights to long lines at TSA to unforeseen weather events, there’s always something. And for some, the most nerve-racking part of travel is the flight itself! According to some estimates, between 2.5% and 6.5% of the US population struggles with aviophobia, or fear of flying.

This makes aviophobia is one of the most common fears, causing massive amounts of stress and anxiety leading up to and during air travel. So how to do you beat flight anxiety and relax on your next getaway? Read on for five simple, holistic hacks to reduce your flight anxiety!*

Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

I’ll be the first to admit I can’t even think about getting out of bed without knowing my morning cup of Joe is waiting for me. While your morning latte might make it easier to get going, especially for an early morning red-eye flight, overdoing it on caffeine is a surefire way to rev up your anxiety. Drinking too much caffeine can make you feel jittery and nervous, especially on an empty stomach. Instead of pounding that espresso right before takeoff, try a relaxing and re-hydrating herbal tea instead.

We recommend the Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint CBD Tea. It’s formulated with NW-grown peppermint and spearmint to help soothe the stomach and refresh the senses, plus 60MG of calming hemp-derived CBD per bag!*

Distract Yourself

Even if it’s a short flight, make sure you pack something in your carry-on to distract yourself. Bring that book that’s been sitting on your shelf gathering dust. Download a good podcast, or an album from an artist you enjoy. Watch a movie, or an episode of a show you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Keeping your mind busy will distract you from your fears, and you’ll find the flight going by much quicker!

Actually Read That Airline Safety Info Card

If you know you’re an anxious flyer, take extra steps to be prepared! Make a packing list and double check each item before you leave the house. Get to the airport early so you can get through security and get to your gate without any rush. Once you’re on the plane, take the time to actually read that airline safety info card, and listen to the safety demonstration. You can take comfort in knowing that you’re prepared, and that you would know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

The more prepared you feel, the more you’ll feel in control of the situation and you’ll be able to put your anxieties on the back burner.

Take A Deep Breath

Seriously! If you’re feeling anxious, try relaxing your breath and using mindful meditation to recenter yourself.

Draw in a deep breath – as deep as you can – and slowly release the air in your lungs while relaxing the muscles in your entire body.

With each exhale, visualize yourself exhaling your stress and anxiety. If you like, close your eyes and really focus on the moment. Apply a few dabs of Unwind CBD Essential Oil Roller to your temples, wrists and the nape of your neck, and breath in the calming scent of lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile, patchouli, frankincense and cedar wood. Repeat this process during take-off and landing, or to help calm yourself during any stressful turbulence.*

Dress Comfortably

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it really makes a big difference. For your next flight (especially if it’s a long one!) dress as comfortably as you can. Don’t wear anything that restricts your movement, or traps in lots of heat. Stick to loose-fitting clothing in soft, cozy materials and wear a comfortable pair of shoes. The smallest creature comforts can make a huge difference, especially on an extended or overnight flight!

How do you beat flight anxiety? Let us know in the comments below!

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