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Brothers Recipes

De-Stress Naturally With Brothers Homemade CBD Bliss Balls

  CBD Bliss Balls Our CBD Bliss Balls are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, midnight snack, healthful dessert or quick bite post-workout This treat is made with naturally fatty-acid rich...

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Golden Milk Macarons with CBD Honey Buttercream

CBD Macarons Our CBD Matcha Macarons with Highbiscus Buttercream were such a hit, we headed back into the kitchen to whip up a new favorite, based on our turmeric-honey Moon Milk (also called Golden...

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CBD Dog Treat Recipe

CBD For Dogs CBD offers a wide range of benefits, and not just for humans! Your canine companions can also enjoy a variety of potential health benefits from hemp and CBD, including alleviated...

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Brothers Golden Mango CBD Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie Bowls In case you haven't heard, smoothie bowls are the hottest super-instagrammable wellness food trend Packed with superfoods, fresh berries and wholesome grains, they're a clean, quick...

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The Bulletproof CBD Chai Tea Latte That’s Replaced Our Morning Coffee

Chai Tea Latte Chai Tea is a richly spiced, flavorful black tea with a kick of caffeine, perfect for jumpstarting you morning Our Brothers blend of Chai Awakening CBD Hemp Tea is crafted with warm...

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Brothers Three-Ingredient CBD Coconut Fat Bombs

Healthy Fats Don't be fooled by the name! Our 3 Ingredient CBD Coconut Fat Bombs are simple, delicious, and yes - good for you! Fats not only taste good, they're essential to a healthy diet Fats are...

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Start Your Morning Off Right With CBD Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Overnight oats are a delicious, portable, satisfying breakfast that you can assemble in a flash and enjoy the next morning In fact, make up a big batch on Sunday night so you'll have...

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The Brothers Apothecary Honey Coconut CBD Chia Pudding Recipe

Chia Pudding Our Honey Coconut CBD Chia Pudding might look like a decadent dessert This baby is packed with rich Omega 3s, hearty protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants It’s the kind...

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The Immune Boosting CBD Wellness Tonic That Beats An Apple A Day

The CBD Cure-All Whether you've been partying a little too hard or fighting off a cold for weeks, everyone can use a little pick-me-up CBD tonic If you're looking for something to restore balance,...

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Brothers Honey-Ginger CBD & Bourbon Penicillin Cocktail Recipe

The Classic Penicillin Cocktail It's the cure for what ails ya Created back in 2005 by New York bartender Sam Ross, this heady concoction of scotch, honey-ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice is a...

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