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Brothers Recipes

The Brothers Apothecary Essential CBD Honey Sports Recovery Drink

Replenishing Lost Electrolytes Everyone knows the best way to quench your thirst after a hard workout is a sports drink to replenish those lost electrolytes Grocery store aisles are littered with...

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How To Make Your Own CBD Tea Latte At Home

Tea Latte If you're not familiar, a tea latte is simply a frothed-milk latte flavored with tea rather than with espresso! Tea lattes are a fantastic alternative to high-caffeine café lattes,...

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How To Make CBD Tea Simple Syrup

The Simple Truth About Simple Syrup Simple syrup is a common sweetener ingredient found on bar carts, kitchen counters and bakery shelves all over the world In plain English, simple syrup is...

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Brothers CBD Matcha Waffles With Highbiscus Simple Syrup

Matcha Waffles Sunday mornings are means for waffles and syrup But why have plain old waffles when you can have CBD Matcha Waffles with Highbiscus Simple Syrup Light and crispy on the outside, soft...

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Brothers CBD Matcha Macaroons With Highbiscus Buttercream

Holiday Cookie Countdown If you've been dying to know what holiday cookies we've been scarfing down at the Brothers Apothecary (admit it, you know you wanna know!) look no further Our new favorite...

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The Brothers Ultimate CBD Honey Eggnog Cocktail Recipe

Traditional Holiday Eggnog  What better way to ring in some holiday cheer than with a mug of rich, creamy eggnog! This wintertime drink is a classic for a reason Rum, nutmeg, vanilla and...

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The Brothers Apothecary CBD Torchlight Cocktail

Torchlight Cocktail Nothing cuts through spice and heat like a teaspoon of smooth, golden honey The Torchlight Cocktail, originally created at Little Branch in New York City, is an essential for...

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The Brothers Apothecary Gold Rush CBD Cocktail

Gold Rush The modern classic cocktail the Gold Rush was invented by the legendary mixologist Sasha Petraske's childhood friend TJ Siegal at Petraske's iconic (and sadly now-shuttered) cocktail bar...

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Brothers Ginger & CBD Honey Cold Buster Recipe

CBD For Cold & Flu Season  Cold and flu season is officially upon us This year, we have a secret weapon - the Brothers Ginger & CBD Honey Cold Buster Made with tummy-taming fresh ginger,...

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The Brothers Bee’s Knees CBD Honey Cocktail Recipe

The Bee's Knees The phrase "the bee's knees" was slang during the Prohibition era to mean, "the best" This classic gin sour cocktail, very popular at the time, used lemon and honey to mask the harsh...

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