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Brothers Recipes

Hearty Kale Salad With Wild Rosin CBD Honey Dressing

Kale Salad with CBD Honey Dressing I never thought I'd love a kale salad That is, until I tried our Wild Rosin CBD Honey Dressing! The subtle sweetness of our terpene-rich hemp-derived CBD honey...

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Beat The 3 O’Clock Slump With This Adaptogenic CBD Chocolate Latte

Perk Up Around 3 o'clock, it's pretty common to feel your mind to wander Motivation begins to dip and energy begins to flag Normally, you might reach for that fourth or fifth cup of coffee But all...

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Easy Vegan CBD-Coconut Chocolate Cherry Scones

Easy Vegan Chocolate Cherry Scones These easy-to-make chocolate cherry scones bake in under an hour and require just 10 healthful ingredients These make for the perfect breakfast, brunch, companion...

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Immunity Boosting CBD Elderberry Smoothie For Wellness

Beat Flu Season With CBD The worst of the winter weather might be over, but we're not out of the woods quite yet The flu and the common cold are still goin' around, and you need to get your defenses...

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The Pumpkin Spice CBD Golden Milk Latte Warm-Up

Pumpkin Spice Golden Milk Baby, it's cold outside! Much of the country is facing a brutal cold snap this winter We've got temperatures plummeting well below freezing, and we need a quick, healthful...

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The Raw, Vegan CBD Chocolate Mousse We’re Craving Right Now

Raw Vegan Dessert Who said dessert has to be unhealthy Our raw vegan CBD chocolate mousse is delicious, healthy, and packs a punch with an estimated 120 mg of CBD This easy chocolate mousse is made...

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Transform Your Favorite Dessert With This Simple CBD Icing

Easy CBD Desserts It's just not dessert without a little CBD icing! Our Simple CBD Icing is compatible with a healthy, raw food diet and contains just 6 whole ingredients It's easy to whip up...

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Lavender Hot Chocolate Infused With Dreamy CBD-Honey

Magic Hot Cocoa This might just be the most calming drink on planet earth There's something so nostalgic about a mug of hot cocoa Even a whiff of hot chocolate brings me right back to those...

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Brothers Coco-Nutty CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Coconut CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars All the nostalgia of your favorite after-school treat, with an extra kick of CBD We gave the classic ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie a makeover with a little...

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Purrrfect Homemade Sweet Potato & Tuna CBD Cat Treats

CBD For Cats CBD offers a wide range of benefits, and not just for humans! Your feline companions can also enjoy a variety of potential health benefits from hemp and CBD, including alleviated...

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