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If you’re familiar with CBD, you may be familiar with its most common forms. CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals are great, but what about CBD seltzers? Or CBD coffees and teas? 

While these CBD-infused drinks are becoming more and more popular, can they provide the same benefits as CBD oils or supplements? And do they taste good?

Let The Brothers Apothecary be your guide as we cover the ultimate CBD drinks.

What Does CBD Do in Drinks?

The main reason CBD drinks have become so popular is the many benefits of CBD. This active compound of the cannabis plant can support your body in regulating sleep, promoting relaxation, and easing tension.

CBD drinks can also be a fun way to enjoy CBD and share it with others. CBD has a naturally earthy flavor that can taste bitter when taken as an oil or tincture. 

To put it simply: the taste of CBD on its own is not for everyone. However, mixing CBD into a flavor-filled favorite drink is a whole new ballgame. 

CBD provides a way to enjoy the benefits CBD brings and enjoy the process of consuming it. When it comes to CBD drinks, though, there is one main thing you want to consider: bioavailability. 

What Exactly Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance the body can successfully absorb. If the body can absorb most of a substance into the bloodstream, it has a high bioavailability. However, if the body cannot absorb much of a substance, it has low bioavailability and is metabolized or passed through the body largely unused.

CBD has naturally low bioavailability and relies on fats to break it down into something the body can absorb and use. This is why CBD oils do so well–the fatty acids of the carrier oil increase the bioavailability of CBD. 

So, can CBD have the same beneficial effects when used in drinks? It depends on the fat content. 

When mixed with bioavailability-boosting ingredients containing fatty acids, such as milk or coconut oil, CBD drinks can still benefit your well-being. However, if CBD is simply mixed with water, the bioavailability will be too low for it to be of any use. 

So while CBD seltzers may be a fun party drink, they aren’t the best way to reap the many benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Do CBD Drinks Get You High?

While CBD can work with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help support balance throughout the body, this cannabinoid does not bind with cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) in the brain in a way that can produce psychoactive effects. 

Legally, CBD cannot contain more than 0.3% of THC – another popular cannabis compound that can produce psychoactive effects – so you don’t have to worry about getting high from a CBD drink. 

Just make sure you use a trustworthy and third-party-tested manufacturer to ensure high-quality CBD is used and the THC content accurately labeled. While CBD drinks won’t get you high, they can support your mental and physical well-being in many ways!

What Kinds of CBD Drinks Are There?

Now that we know what types of CBD drinks can offer, let’s dive into some of our favorites!


CBD teas are a wonderful and versatile way to enjoy CBD, especially because CBD can work synergistically with powerful plant compounds found in herbs popular in teas. 

At the Brothers Apothecary, we pair dried CBD flowers with other enticing herbs, creating a variety of teas that can support anything from soothing a sour stomach to grounding the mind and everything in between.

We also use a proprietary infusion process in all of our teas, sourcing organic ingredients from small farms based, including Yucca Root, Tapioca, and Coconut, in all of our teas to provide the healthy fatty acids to support the bioavailability of the CBD.

CBD Lattes

Need something with a little more oomph to get your day started? A CBD latte is the perfect way to kickstart your brain in the morning. Any dairy or non-dairy milk will help the body absorb the CBD, and CBD and caffeine can work together to increase the brain’s metabolism and boost your energy.

CBD can also help ward off any post-caffeine jitters, as CBD helps relax parts of the body that caffeine stimulates. By balancing out caffeine, you get the best benefits of both, all in one mug.

Looking for a caffeine-free latte that will still provide a boost for your brain? Our Golden Milk Latte pairs CBD with turmeric for a nutrient-rich treat that can be enjoyed any time of day.  

CBD Matcha

Matcha is a vibrant and fine tea powder ground from young tea leaves. This ancient ceremonial tea is vitamin and antioxidant-rich with bright and vegetal flavors. 

Matcha also contains more caffeine than most teas. However, the high levels of the compound L-theanine found in matcha can help mellow some of caffeine’s more intense effects.

There are many benefits to drinking matcha, and when matcha is combined with CBD like in our own Mighty Matcha, it only enhances the tea’s naturally soothing abilities.

CBD Hot Cocoa

Who among us doesn’t crave a steaming cup of cocoa this time of year? Whether hot chocolate is a winter staple in your kitchen or an occasional holiday treat, you are sure to love our CBD Peppermint Cocoa.

This smooth and sweet elixir is the perfect treat to cozy up with on a cold night. The bright peppermint will delight your senses, while the CBD soothes you from the inside out. 

What Can I Use CBD Drinks For?

CBD beverages can work within the body to promote balance and support your well-being in several ways.

Tension Relief

CBD can ease tension throughout the body by partnering with naturally-produced endocannabinoids that bind to CB receptors at the source of tension, be it emotional tension in the brain or physical stress held in sore muscles.

Sleep Support

A cup of CBD tea before bed can calm the mind, as CBD works with the endocannabinoid anandamide to promote bliss and relaxation in the brain. 

Many people take CBD an hour or so before bed to help clear their mind. CBD may even work with neurotransmitters in the brain to support a deeper and more restful form of sleep throughout the night. 

Mood Boost

By interacting with the endocannabinoid anandamide and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, CBD can support the endocannabinoid system in regulating mood and relieving stress. 

Generalized Discomfort Relief

The endocannabinoid system helps monitor immune cells, meaning that cannabinoids can play a role in responding to signals and soothing discomfort that may stem from injury, poor health, or stress.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Drinks To Work?

Because the CBD consumed through drinks needs to work its way through the digestive tract before it is absorbed into the bloodstream, allow more time for the effects to kick in than you would with a CBD oil dropped under the tongue. 

CBD drinks typically take 30 minutes to an hour to start working. You can enjoy slowly sipping your way through a delicious drink and can expect to feel the beneficial effects on your body shortly after!

What Time of Day Should I Use CBD Drinks?

Use CBD drinks whenever you would like! A calming caffeine-free herbal CBD tea can be a great way to kick back after a stressful day and shift your mind into sleep mode. A caffeine-rich CBD matcha can be a tasty way to start the day, helping alert your mind, while CBD can help balance out the caffeine and prevent any unwanted jitters.

Anytime you are feeling like a sweet and refreshing drink or a nice beverage-related treat, incorporating CBD can be an added perk as it supports your endocannabinoid system and helps soothe the body and mind as you enjoy sipping on whichever drink you crave. 

The Bottom Line

Morning, afternoon, or night, CBD drinks provide unique ways to enjoy CBD and its many benefits for whenever and however you see fit. 

Ready to make a CBD drink of your own? You can peruse some of our recipes for inspiration and let your own creativity be your guide! 

Check out our shop at the Brothers Apothecary to get started!



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Jesse Richardson, Health & Wellness Advocate
Ambassador of Teas, CEO

Jesse Richardson is the co-founder of The Brothers Apothecary. He's an avid tea drinker and the primary creator behind The Brothers' products. An undergraduate of UCLA for Political Science, Jesse currently studies Medicinal Plants at Cornell University and The International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.

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