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Physical discomfort may be a natural part of the human experience, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant.

Whether you woke up with a crick in your neck, are feeling the effects of yesterday’s killer workout in your calves today, or are just feeling all around lousy, you are probably seeking relief. And if so, CBD can help do the trick.

If you’re wondering how CBD can help ease physical discomfort and what are the best ways to use CBD for that relief–read on to find out with The Brothers Apothecary!

How Should I Use CBD for Generalized Discomfort?

If you are feeling discomfort throughout the body, there are a number of CBD options that can provide support.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a fan favorite when it comes to soothing generalized discomfort.

Gummies are made with CBD extract from the hemp plant and can include other fun-flavored and wellness-boosting ingredients such as honey, lemon, or orange.

The CBD from gummies can help ease generalized discomfort by working within the body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS), which relies on naturally produced endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) to maintain homeostasis within the body. 

The CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract. It can then move throughout the body to support endocannabinoids as they bind with CB receptors at the source of discomfort, bringing relief. 

The effects of CBD gummies often last for eight hours or so, making them an ideal option for when you need a full day or night of relief. 

If you wake up feeling sore, taking a gummy or two in the morning can help keep you feeling loose throughout the day. You can also take your gummies on the go to have on hand whenever generalized discomfort takes hold.

And if physical discomfort is keeping or waking you up at night, taking one or two of our Lemon Ginger Honey Drops an hour before bed can help ease tension, bringing on a night of restful zzz’s. This is a win-win, as our immune systems do their best healing and repair work during rest.

CBD Tinctures or Concentrates

CBD tinctures and concentrates can be consumed to ease generalized discomfort, like gummies. CBD oils and tinctures are liquid forms of CBD that you can take under the tongue or mix into a favorite drink. 

Oils and tinctures come with a dropper, so you can measure out a precise dose. 

When taken sublingually by holding a few drops under the tongue, the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through small blood vessels in the mouth, allowing the soothing effects to kick in within 15 to 30 minutes. 

You can also mix a few drops into food or drink, which some people do to mask the naturally earthy taste of CBD. When taken this way, the oils or tinctures work similarly to gummies, as they reach the bloodstream through the digestive tract. 

Effects may take closer to an hour to kick in when consumed this way. 


CBD edibles are consumable forms of CBD, like our Organic Wildflower | CBD Honey or CBD Protein Powder With Magickal Mushroom | CBD Protein Powder. CBD edibles can be enjoyed on their own, while many can also be incorporated into meals (we love drizzling our CBD honey on fruits, salads, and even pizza!)

At The Brothers Apothecary, we craft our edibles using locally sourced, organic, and natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and cocoa; so you can enjoy a nutritious and great-tasting snack while the CBD gets to work easing discomfort.

Bath Soaks

Bath soaks are an ultra-relaxing way to soothe generalized discomfort. Stepping into a tub filled with our Slumbering Chamomile CBD Bath Soak can soothe generalized discomfort as the calming CBD-infused water washes over you. 

As you soak in the restoring glory of chamomile and butterfly blue pea, the CBD will get absorbed through the skin and can partner with dermal-epidermal level cannabinoid receptors in sore muscles or swollen joints everywhere the water touches, helping to ease discomfort inside and out.

How Should I Use CBD for Localized Discomfort?

If you are experiencing discomfort in a specific part of the body rather than all over, CBD topicals can provide quick relief. 

CBD Rollers

CBD Rollers are super easy to use and take with you on the go for 24/7 discomfort relief. 

By pairing CBD with essential oils, these little guys can provide soothing aroma therapy while the CBD gets absorbed into the skin to meet with cannabinoid receptors near the site of application. 

Our Pain Away Roller is crafted with botanical compounds like marjoram, sweet basil, and arnica that have been used to combat discomfort for thousands of years.

CBD Lotions and Creams

CBD lotions and creams are another effective way to help CBD reach cannabinoid receptors in any part of the body experiencing localized discomfort, while also nourishing dry or irritated skin. 

Try massaging some of our Buzz Balm | CBD Balm & Body Butter into the skin to soothe tense muscles. Since CBD applied topically doesn’t need to enter the bloodstream before reaching cannabinoid receptors, you’ll often feel the effects within minutes.

CBD Gels

CBD gels are another type of topical that can provide much-needed relief. Along with the beneficial soothing properties of CBD, these gels often also include menthol, a plant compound from mint leaves known for its cooling properties. 

When applied directly to the skin, menthol releases a cooling sensation that can help shift the brain’s focus away from the feeling of discomfort, providing another layer of relief.

How Does CBD Help Soothe Muscle Tension?

CBD helps soothe muscle tension by working with cannabinoid receptors that exist within the muscles. Once cannabinoid receptors are activated, chemical messages called endocannabinoids can work throughout the nervous system to help provide relief. 

CBD can support those naturally produced endocannabinoids by keeping enzymes from breaking them down as quickly, prolonging their effects. CBD’s ability to work with endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors is all thanks to the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

How Does CBD Interact With the Endocannabinoid System?

CBD, or cannabidiol, can help ease physical discomfort by working with the endocannabinoid system, but what exactly is this endocannabinoid system?

The ECS is a complex internal messaging network that all mammals have. The ECS works even when you don’t use cannabis or hemp-derived cannabinoids because your body produces its own set of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids.

Endocannabinoids are chemical messages that the ECS can send throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. 

When endocannabinoids bind with cannabinoid receptors found on the surface of cells throughout the body, they can stimulate various biological functions that can help respond to pain signals and regulate vital body functions such as sleep, mood, appetite. 

Once balance is restored, enzymes break the endocannabinoids back down into their most basic form. And because CBD can temporarily block enzymes from breaking down endocannabinoids, they can provide further support.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles To Work?

Since CBD from edibles must go through the digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream, it may take 45 to 90 minutes before you feel the effects of CBD edibles.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

While CBD edibles take a bit longer to kick in, they also tend to last in the body longer than other forms of intake can. Since the body takes longer to process the CBD, the effects can last in the body for eight hours or more. 

How Long Does It Take for CBD Topicals To Work?

Since the CBD from topicals aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream, their effects can take place quickly as they meet with nearby CB receptors beneath the skin. When it comes to localized discomfort, you’ll often feel relief within ten to fifteen minutes after applying a topical to the skin.  

How Long Do Topicals Last?

The effects of typicals can last for two to six hours at a time. The good news is that since topicals aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream, you can reapply for added support throughout the day as needed without risk of side effects.

While side effects are rare with CBD, consuming large amounts can lead to minor issues such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, or fatigue. When taking consumable CBD products that are absorbed into the bloodstream for discomfort, make sure you don’t exceed the product’s recommended dosage. 

Most people only need between 10 to 50 milligrams of CBD to experience the soothing effects. To avoid side effects, we recommend staying within 150 milligrams per day, and only using high-quality, third-party tested products to ensure that the ingredients and measurements listed are accurate.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are experiencing discomfort throughout the body or in a specific location, CBD can help bring about much-needed relief. 

To find the perfect product to fit your needs, check out our collection at The Brothers Apothecary shop!


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Jesse Richardson, Health & Wellness Advocate
Ambassador of Teas, CEO

Jesse Richardson is the co-founder of The Brothers Apothecary. He's an avid tea drinker and the primary creator behind The Brothers' products. An undergraduate of UCLA for Political Science, Jesse currently studies Medicinal Plants at Cornell University and The International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.

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